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Forum Rules & Guidelines

Postby Jon Anderson » Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:33 pm

Hello and welcome to the Total Automotive Auto Parts forums! If this is your first visit here, here are some things you should know:

This forum has been created for our customers to share industry related news, helpful tips and other topics. To post on the forum you must be a registered user. To register, apply for a free no obligation account. This forum is monitored however due to the live nature of the forum all posts cannot be edited in live time. Posts may be deleted at any time for any reason by forum moderators. Total Automotive does not endorse, promote or take responsibility for any content posted by its users. For any questions related to this forum please contact your sales rep. or call 1-800-450-7750.

Setting Up Your Forum Username

The first thing you have to do is login into your Total Automotive Account. Note: if you do not have an account simply fill out the new customer application. Once login you will have to go to "Account Profile & Preferences." Now click to "Modify Your Contact Information." Enter your Forum Username and click save. You are now ready to post on the forum.

TA Terms of Service

All of our forums are moderated according to the TA Terms of Service (ToS) linked at the bottom of every page. When you created your account, you agreed to these terms so it is important that you understand what is expected and what is not allowed. Although we have included specific rules below to help you stick to the ToS, it is important to review the terms and ask questions if you don’t know what something means. Even if you were not aware of one of the conditions of the ToS, you are still held accountable if a violation is committed using your account.

TA’s Terms of service can be found here

The forums are a place for our community to have productive discussions with each other and TA staff about the automotive industry and other relevant topics. To make sure this forum is kept up to that task, we ask that you are aware of and follow all of the posted rules when on this forum.

Failure to follow these rules can result in your posts being moved, locked, or removed; repeated or serious violations can result in action against your account.

Forum Etiquette and Guidelines

The Forum Rules & Regulations are guidelines to forum members on expected conduct and behavior when using the Total Automotive Auto Parts forums. We believe that adherence to these guidelines will help to foster a constructive and friendly atmosphere as the best place to interact with Total Automotive staff, the Total Automotive customers and its community. As we are not able to foresee every set of circumstances there will be areas that will be handled on an individual basis by the forum staff.

• Be respectful of all other forum members including forum staff.
• Follow all reasonable directions given to you by a moderator or administrator of the forums in regards to your behavior on the forums.
• If you have an issue with a moderator or administrator discuss it via personal message, not publically on the forums.
• Post in English only. We are only able to offer English language forums at this time. Posts in other languages may be hidden.
• Post in the appropriate forum. Threads put in the wrong forum will be moved, locked or hidden.
• Make sure your thread’s title reflects what is in the thread. Threads with inaccurate titles to draw in readers will be locked or hidden.
• Use one account on the forums. Posts from additional accounts will be hidden.
• Use avatars and signatures that help enhance your board profile.
• Post to further discussion. Posts such as “+1”, “in before lock” or “bump” may be considered spam and could be hidden.
• Wait for others to reply before posting again and edit your post if you have additional information to share. Excessive double posting is not allowed whether it’s to raise an additional point or to “bump” a thread active.
• Stay on topic. The original poster created the thread to talk about a particular issue, keep on that issue.
• Use an image hosting service when adding images to your posts. Please don’t “hotlink” images from other websites.
• Exercise care with your personal account information. Do not give your password or account information to anyone that is NOT an TA employee. Should an Admin request account information to assist you with your issue, make sure to provide this via private message. Do not provide account information to moderators or other users. Never publicly post your info, to ensure security of your account. TA will never ask you for your password.

Do not:
• Provide your account information to others – even forum moderators or admins.
• Spam the forums. Multiple threads on the same topic, or posts that add nothing to a conversation, or are simply meant to build post count are considered spam.
• Flame others. Disagreeing with people is one thing, but personal attacks and insults are not welcome and are a violation of the TA Terms of Service. This includes other forum members, TA staff or even people whom are not connected to the community.
• Upload or attempt to distribute files that contain viruses, corrupted data, or malicious software.
• Post in a deliberately annoying manner. This includes the abuse of color and size tags, smilies and the use of internet forum pictures specifically designed for posting in threads. This also includes excessive use of pictures of kittens, face palms, ponies or the troll face.
• Impersonate another person including celebrities, other forum members or TA staff.
• Troll. Trolling is defined as posts or threads that purposefully lead to overly strong, negative and emotional responses for shock value or to start an argument.
• Create alternate accounts to get around a suspension or ban.
• Post about locked or hidden threads, or moderator actions.
• Post about hacking, torrenting, copying or pirating. Anyone posting on software or media piracy, including movies, music, games, books or other media, will be banned from the forums.
• Repost entire articles, news stories or features from websites. Quoting portions and linking to articles is fine, but copy and pasting an entire article is not.
• Link to offensive material, or material that is contrary to our other Rules and Regulations.
• Use racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced language, or images.
• Swear. The swear filter is there for a reason, do not bypass it.
• Post porn. You will be banned.

Further Advice:
• Using the words TA, TOTAL AUTOMOTIVE or any Developer or Community Team member’s name in a thread topic is advised against. We are not more likely to read a thread because you’ve addressed it to us.
• Petition posts are frowned on. If you have an issue, please discuss it in a civil and informed fashion.

If you see someone breaking these rules please use the "Flag" feature or alert a Moderator or Administrator.

If you have any questions about the ToS or if you are not sure your post is breaking the rules feel free to pm a moderator or admin.

You can further customize your posting experience through the use of a signature. Like Avatars, your signature can be accessed through the User Control Panel link in the blue bar at the top of the Forums page. You may add an image up to 665 pixels in width and 128 pixels in height to your Signature. You may also add up to 255 text characters, which will appear beneath the graphic.

Moderators and Staff
Moderators are volunteers who are passionate about the industry and spend so much of their personal time helping out on the forums that TA staff members have granted them a special status. Contact a moderator if you have a forum question, see a public post that is a ToS violation, or wish to forward information on users. If you have a question or concern about a moderator, please contact an TA staff member.

BLehner (Senior Administrator)
master.lugnut (Senior Administrator)

Are a few who can be contacted, more to be added when available.

TA Staff are denoted by rankings showing whether they are Sales Reps, Community Staff, or Administrators. Developers work on products and may stop in to explain technical questions or check out feedback. Community managers are usually very active and are your main resource for information, answers, and handling your feedback. Administrators are Support staff that help upkeep the forums as well as post information to resolve issues that users may have.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the forums!
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