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How are we different than all other suppliers?

At Total Automotive Inc. we have spent the last decade constructing a computer database that allow us to cross-reference O.E.M numbers to Industry numbers. With this system in place, we make it exceptionally easy for New Car Dealers, Installers, Body Shops, Jobbers, and Warehouse Distributors to order parts by using the same O.E.M numbers they're already accustomed to. Our invoices, packing slips and parts labels also include cross-references to O.E.M numbers, making parts receiving from us extremely easy and efficient for all types of customers.

How can we help you increase profits in ways other distributors can't? It's simply because they don't have the resources in place to bring you products in the ways we can! It's taken us a decade and well over $100,000.00 in software development to develop the program that allows us to do what no other supplier can do.

We have spent the last decade researching customer pay products and service items that are not covered under warranty. Many of the products that we carry are the original equipment parts that you would receive if you purchased them from the factory. The difference however is the packaging. In our packaging you can save as much as 20, 30, 40 or even up to 50% or more in savings. We are currently stocking over 5,000 parts numbers that meet this criteria.