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Gymkana 994 Key Machine

Gymkana 994 Key Machine

Gymkana 994 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. WHAT TYPE OF KEY DOES THE GYM KANA 994 DUPLICATE? A. The Gymkana 994 duplicates both high security and double-sided edge cut automotive keys with the standard universal clamp.

Q. WHAT CLAMPS DO I NEED TO CUT KEYS? A. The Gymkana 994 requires the universal U clamp for high security and edge cut keys and the new K clamp is required for the Honda stainless steel key.

Q. WHAT ADAPTORS DO I NEED? A. No adaptors or tip stops are needed.

Q. HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO CUT THE NEW HONDA STAINLESS STEEL KEY? A. It's easy with Gymkana. It is the ONLY key machine on the market that deburrs the new Honda stainless steel key while cutting the key! Keyline has safety in mind. When the key is completely cut, the key is completely deburred.

Q. HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO CHANGE TO THE NEW CLAMP? A. Simple, loosen the setscrew on the carriage using the wrench that is provided, and slide out the U clamp, insert the NEW Honda K clamp and tighten the setscrew. It only takes a couple seconds.

Q. DO I HAVE TO RECALIBRATE THE GYM KANA EACH TIME I CHANGE THE CLAMP? A. NO. Once the clamps are calibrated the Gymkana 994 retains the information.

Q. WHEN I WANT TO CUT A KEY FOR A DIFFERENT VEHICLE HOW DO I KNOW WHICH CLAMP TO USE? A. Once all clamps have been calibrated, Gymkana 994 will inform the operator when to remove the current clamp and what clamp to install for the selected vehicle.

Q. IS THERE BE A VACUUM ATTACHMENT AVAILABLE A. A vacuum attachment will be available in the near future.

Q. WHAT IS THE WARRANTY ON THE GYM KANA 994? A. The Gymkana 994 come with 2 years of warranty, except consumables.

Q. IS THERE TECH SUPPORT IF I NEED HELP? A. Keyline USA has an excellent, highly trained service team based out of Cleveland, OH for all Keyline product support, including the Gymkana 994. We assist all our customers through the phone, Skype, or Team Viewer. Our phone number is +1440716 8006.

Q. HOW DO I GET SOFTWARE UPDATES? A. Software updates are done via USB memory stick or Internet. Keyline USA is proud to provide 2 years of free software updates.

Q. HOW MUCH THE SOFTWARE UPDATES COSTS? A. Software updates are free for the first 2 years (24 months). After 2 years (24 months) you will have the option to purchase a Software Subscription to access any new code series or cards that are added to the Liger Software.

Q. DO I NEED A WIFI NETWORK TO OPERATE THE GYMKANA994? A. The machine is operated through our Keyline industrial console. The Keyline console works through direct connection, rather than relying on a wifi network.

Q. WHO IS IT DESIGNED FOR? A. Gymkana 994 is designed for all automotive dealers who wish to streamline their everyday operation with the fastest, easier and more reliable machine ever conceived by Keyline.

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